🤔Reflected and pure consciousness what are these two kinds of consciousness and how they exist simultaneously in the same body?

That is because reflected consciousness is much grosser than the pure consciousness. That latter is as subtle as the soul. Subtle body becomes depraved when separated from Krishna. And so it becomes very violent. Clouds cover the suns rays. Similarly, reflected consciousness covers the puny pure consciousness of the soul. That is by the will of the Supreme lord. Matter exists in subtle form as pradhan or mahat tattva. The soul brings in individuality or feeling of I-ness. Mahat tattva doesnt have that individuation on its own. Thus, material energy is cleavable and therefore becomes varieties of individuation. Although it is inert.

🤔What is siddhi or perfection in yoga?

Just like in studies, we score flying colours. And develop good fine character. That is perfection. Similarly, perfection of yoga is to develop taste for the holy name. If lords name is chanted with faith and one cannot live without doing that, that is siddhi in yoga. Spontaneous attraction for Krishna is perfection in yoga. Reviving our relation with lord as his eternal servant that is perfection in yoga.

🤔How a devotee’s abstaining from fruitive activities is different from that of an impersonalist?

Devotees honour Krishna prasad anywhere and everywhere. When Sarvabhauma was defeated, he stopped eating and drinking and forgot his daily rituals. Lord Chaitanya then brought khichdi prasad for him. And when Sarvabhauma refused to take on account of not having taken bath and performed prescribed duties, lord told him that prasad of the lord must be accepted under all circumstances as it is completely transcendental. So whatever is binding for impersonalists, devotees convert it to Krishna conscious activities. Impersonalists have double standards as they build schools, maths etc which is against their own philosophy. Devotees also build temples and schools but that is not fruitive activity rather devotional service. So impersonalists actually perform fruitive activity although externally they feign to abstain from them. But as devotees we also have fruitive desires inside us but that is dovetailed in Krishna’s service by a spiritual authority. Like if one wants to make money, he is given life membership seva in the temple and that spiritualises him and his desire.

🤔If we are not detached from results, how can we offer them to Krishna?

Shrila Prabhupada says phalena parichayate. Our attachment for Krishna is dependent on how many devotees we are able to make. And how many centers we can open. Suppose if we make a center and dont cultivate a single devotee there, so what is the use of such detachment from results.

🤔Who was Shripad Shankaracharya?

He was an empowered personality who removed Buddhists and Buddhism from the country. He took sannyas at 8 years and at the age of 12 he reached Badrinath and revived Badri Vishal from the freezing Narad kund and established its worship. He is lord Shiva himself but his followers are mayavadis. As lord Shiva, he is param Vaishnava. His pupose of descent was that Shankaracharya brought the people back into the Vedic fold or Vedantic tradition.

🤔How to give up materialistic consciousness?

That is not possible without the shelter of spiritual authority. So surrender to spiritual authority is mandatory.

🤔How dhyana yogi is superior to jnana yogi?

As dhyanis understand or have Paramatma realization. They obtained 8 mystic siddhis and become fully cognizant after having realized Paramatma. The experience of brahman of jnanis and dhyanis is partial understanding still dhyanis are superior.

🤔How to understand achintya bhedabheda in a simple manner?

Soul and body are non different as both are vikars of polluted consciousness of the the soul. But soul is divine and body is gross. So soul and body are simultaneously same and different. Similarly, soul when empowered by the supreme lord becomes one with the lord in quality. Like mother Yashoda makes Krishna cry by showing him the stick. But Supreme lord is Parambrahman while soul or jiva ia kshudrati kshudra. Lord is one but becomes many and similarly he makes his devotees also who are one become many. Like Vasudeva and Devaki participated in all 16100 marriages of Krishna at Dwarka at the same time. And they had opulence similar to that of Krishna. But the source is always Krishna. And how this is happening us achintya or inconceivable. The soul itself is difficult to understand. But by lord’s mercy he can attain direct association of the lord.

🤔Are topics about lord vaikhari or para sound?

Para sound is that which can be perceived when one is fully separated from his material consciousness. Like Vedavyasa heard the conversation between Shukadeva goswami and Parikshit maharaj. Similarly, Narad muni heard the words of the supreme lord after meditating on his form as described by the bhaktivedantists. Parikshit maharaj when he heard that Shringi had cursed him, he heard it in para medium. Thats why he didnt object or retaliate. So as devotees we must understand that the words of Bhagavad gita and Shrimad Bhagavatam are all para sound. But depending on our consciousness, we take it either vaikhari or madhyama or pashyanti.

🤔Why detachment from results does not come in Krishna consciousness or does it?

Detachment from results is required but giving the results to Krishna that also is equally important. Both are actually complimentary. But just detachment from results is not sufficient. Like mayavadis do. Arjuna risked his life to follow Krishna’s instructions and fought the war. The normal definition of detachment from results is too difficult for us to accept. Like if one is told to bear someone’s insult or mutually cooperate amongst themselves or rather just give up everything and simply chant Hare Krishna. But on the spiritual platform its possible. Unfortunately, understanding of detachment is very poor in us. So only Shrila Prabhupada said ‘utility is the principle’ and by learning to offering results to Krishna we would naturally become detached. Like the Pandavas worked hard to build Indraprastha but when time came, they gave up everything and went to exile. That platform of detachment is, in itself, very difficult to attain for us. Unless we are strongly trained to offer the results to Krishna.

🤔What is importance of initiation in spiritual life?

Listening to this lecture is also initiation. Initiation is not merely a fire sacrifice ritual. Our Gaudiya Vaishnav parampara is a shiksha parampara. So the more we are educated about spiritual matter, that is also initiation and we need a teacher for that. Different devotees are trained at different levels and everyone is made to connect to Krishna. That is initiation. Lord Chaitanya said ‘aa chandala brahmana’: from chandala to brahmana everyone can be trained in spiritual life or in other words, is qualified for initiation.

🤔In the polluted state, how our experience and experiencer are different?

Real experiencer is always atman. Mahat tattva doesn’t require to experience. And this experience can be divine or material. In that sense, experience and experiencer are different on the material platform.

🤔What does it mean to see inaction in action and vice versa as stated in Bhagavad gita 4.18?

Seeing inaction in action is devotional service. Action in inaction is like going to Himalayas or a holy place like Vrindavan dham. We will carry our mind everywhere and anywhere we go and which will therefore, always perturb us with fruitive mentality and speculative desires.

🤔How to serve parents with mercy of Krishna?

Serve them with love and they will surely become devotees. Then their service will also become Vaishnav seva.



KRISHNA: THE PERFECT ATMARAMA– Shrimad Bhagavatam 1.11.36: Although the queens’ beautiful smiles and furtive glances were all spotless and exciting, and although they could conquer Cupid himself by making him give up his bow in frustration, and although even the tolerant Shiva could fall victim to them, still, despite all their magical feats and attractions, they could not agitate the senses of the Lord.

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WILL OF KRISHNA IS FINAL: EXECUTE IT BY CHOICE OR BY FORCE- Shrimad Bhagavatam 1.11.34: The Lord was pacified after killing those kings who were burdensome to the earth. They were puffed up with their military strength, their horses, elephants, chariots, infantry, etc. He Himself was not a party in the fight. He simply created hostility between the powerful administrators, and they fought amongst themselves. He was like the wind which causes friction between bamboos and so sparks a fire.

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SHIKSHASHTAKAM: TOPMOST DEVOTEE PRAYING TO THE TOPMOST LORD – Lord Chaitanya (Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu) appeared in Navadwip in 1486 AD at Mayapur (Antardwip). He appeared in the form of devotee although he is Krishna himself. Lord is called triyugi because he doesnt appear in kaliyuga. In kaliyuga, he appears in the form of his devotee. Lord Chaitanya performed pastimes for 48 yrs and taught the process of Krishna bhakti. Lord Chaitanya didn’t compose much literature. Rather he instructed his followers to read Shrimad Bhagavatam. The only literature composed by lord Chaitanya is Shri Shikshashtakam, a set of his teachings composed in 8 verses. These verses sequentially explain the process of Krishna bhakti. These 8 verses should be the garland in every devotee’s neck. If lord himself has written something, we need not read anything else.

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Reincarnation: A Matter Of Chance Or A Matter Of Consciousness

Reincarnation: A Matter Of Chance Or A Matter Of Consciousness – A conditioned soul has certain consciousness and according to that consciousness, the supersoul brings it to the semen of a man and guided to the womb of a woman. Thereafter there is formation of a single cell and from that single cell again by the guidance of the supersoul starts to multiply. So if there is the consciousness of a dog, the soul would go to a dog’s body. So the subtle body consciousness is very important. The consciousness has a form which depends on whether one has performed piously or sinfully in prev births. And therefore it gets guided to a particular species where it gets a form accordingly. The body creates a restriction on the consciousness. So if one is a rich man but has consciousness of a dog, his subtle body would then carry the soul to the body of a dog. Similarly, in a certain body one commits sinful activities alone lile family of butcher.

The consciousness is invisible. The body contains subtle body engaging the soul. Like ghosts hobgoblins have subtle body alone without gross body. And subtle body has a form of its own. So we are ordained to get bodies as per our enjoyment propensity. And those bodies might minimize or enhance pur enjoyment depending on our pious or sinful activities. We might want to fly in the sky but might end up forced to take body of a dog. So let us not allow out mind to carry us towards the body of a dog. The mind is hollow and accepts that identity which is aligned with the kind of body it gets. Mind and body are related. Body is forced upon the mind and not the kind of body the mind desires. Mind expands and takes of body but that body is forced upon the mind. Depending upon the order of the supersoul. Mind pervades the body through the consciousness and therefore identifies with the body. The body is acquired according to the consciousness and therefore mind is not a causal structure for the body. By the arrangement of material nature, mind is forced to wear a particular type of body. Shrila Prabhupada says daiva chodita. When the baby is in the womb, it first experiences sound followed by touch followed by form. The supersoul ordains that.
The mind is prakriti so from where does it get that identity as prakriti is impersonal. Because of contact with the soul. The soul always has a sense of identity of the self and therefore mind in contact with the soul acquires that tendency. The subtle body and the gross body both acquire that individuation from the soul. Soul’s consciousness pervades the mind amd mind’s consciousness pervades the body. So mind serves as a connect between soul and body.
Our mind, intelligence and false ego they are the responsibility of soul. Lord always comes to us in the form of his holy name, scriptures or his deity form. But if we do not accept it, the mind, intelligence and false ego will remain filled with sin. And according to that, the body we will get we cant decide only Krishna will decide. and material nature or orchestrates the same.


🤔How the child in the womb gets consciousness in the seventh month?

The gross body takes 7 months to develop so as to become fully conscious. Like sex desire manifests at puberty thay doesnt mean sex desire isnt there from before. Similarly, body takes 7 months to become matured at the gross platform to become mentally and spiritually conscious.

🤔How soul, mind and gross body communicate through consciousness?

The consciousness cannot be caught as it is not an electromagnetic signal. And through this consciousness the soul mediates on the mind which mediates further on the gross body. In the spiritual state, mind becomes pure due to association with the soul or the self. The more we associate the mind with Krishna consciousness, the more it becomes spiritual. And then the mind becomes situated in the mode of goodness and reveals the self. The body in the conditioned state becomes an instrument to satisfy the mind. The mind relies on the false identity of the body. Depending upon the association of the body with the three modes, the mind is also influenced naturally. So mind and body can communicate both ways through the consciousness. We can see only the biological signals but the signal of the soul and mind can be tracked by mind and soul themselves alone. The biological markers can only indicate these signals indirectly. And for that a scientific study is required.

🤔Is mind independent?

Mind’s desire is not independent so also of the body. Freewill is only possessed by Krishna and his part and parcel. The soul also can either use or misuse the freewill. If it chooses to remain situated in the Absolute truth, it exercises the freewill correctly. And when it misuses that freewill, it comes in contact with material nature where there is no freewill. The kind of mode we associate that kind of disposition we develop. We are marginal potency of Krishna and therefore we can either choose to be with Krishna or away from.him. Once we choose to be away from.Krishna, mahamaya takes over and we become puppet. Once we choose to be with Krishna, yogamaya takes over and we become puppet again.

So the only independence we have is that of becoming someone’s instrument, whether Krishna’s or of prakriti. And even after becoming puppet of prakriti, we get an opportunity to become puppet of Krishna repeatedly by exercising their freewill properly. And when we use our freewill correctly, we develop in terms of how much surrender we have towards Krishna. The more we practise, the more we tend to give up our ignorance based on the false identities we have. So we are challenged by different layers of ignorance when we practise Krishna consciousness. So how much we can depend on Krishna on ang kind of situation, that is what devotional life is all about. So the freewill that we have has to circumvented from being misused until we become perfect or no longer have any possibility of falldown.

🤔Do we have multiple levels of consciousness?

At the pure state, we have only one level of consciousness. But in the conditioned state, our gross bodies might be associated with diff levels of consciousness. Like if we are poor, our sense enjoyment might be restricted. And the mind which is repository of so many lifetimes has its own consciousness. So the consciousness is made up of the three modes of material nature in different proportions. And in the perfect state, it becomes situated in pure goodness. Depending on the ratio of the three modes, infinite levels of consciousness may be created. Bodily consciousness will be active when we are physically active. Similarly for intellectuals, mental consciousness will be active. So our occupational duty will define our level of consciousness. If we are preacher and have dedicated our life to Krishna or if we are also doing job along with Krishna consciousness, how much our job is connected with Krishna consciousness that will decide our level of consciousness.


Significance of Chandan yatra

Significance of Chandan yatra

Significance Of Chandan Yatra – On the auspicious third day of the waxing moon in the month of Vaishaka, the festival of akshay tritiya, which is said to bestow all auspiciousness on any undertaking being started on this day,  is observed all over India, to commemorate various pastimes of the lord. This day also marks the beginning of Chandan yatra, in which the lord is smeared with sandalwood paste due to the scorching heat of the summer season. In this blog we will discuss the significance of Chandan Yatra

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Is learning Sanskrit necessary to understand Bhagavad Gita?

Is learning Sanskrit necessary to understand Bhagavad Gita?

Is learning Sanskrit necessary to understand Bhagavad Gita? – Recently one student asked a question – whether one can learn Bhagavad-Gita, only by becoming a Sanskrit Scholar? I would like to make a statement on this question because this is a very pertinent question and it may resonate with your personal as well. Normally when I go and speak on Bhagavad-Gita in schools, colleges and universities, people normally ask this question should we learn Sanskrit before we can study Bhagavad-Gita?

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How To Rule In Kaliyuga?

How To Rule In Kaliyuga?

How To Rule In Kaliyuga – The Battle of Mahabharata concludes with the teachings of Srila Bhishmadev to the 5 pandavas including Yudhistira maharaja in the divine presence of Lord Sri Krishna. Srila Bhishmadeva spoke about various topics in a very commanding manner.  Srila Bhismhadeva clearly enunciated the duties of a king, the citizens of four divisions of society, women and devotees of Lord Krishna.

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