WILL OF KRISHNA IS FINAL: EXECUTE IT BY CHOICE OR BY FORCE- Shrimad Bhagavatam 1.11.34: The Lord was pacified after killing those kings who were burdensome to the earth. They were puffed up with their military strength, their horses, elephants, chariots, infantry, etc. He Himself was not a party in the fight. He simply created hostility between the powerful administrators, and they fought amongst themselves. He was like the wind which causes friction between bamboos and so sparks a fire.

Lord has entered the palaces of his 16108 queens. Those palaces were all filled with thousands of servants and assistants, cows, ponds, orchards everything. And when lord entered the palaces, his queens who were meditating on him got up as if they got their life back and embraced the lord in the core of their hearts and then sent their children towards the lord.

Krishna’s View on the Battle of Kurukshetra

The battle of Kurukshetra has just happened and thousands have been annihilated. But finally lord was satisfied even though 64 crore men and soldiers had laid their lives. So we must also feel satisfied. Lord doesnt want demonic mentality men to become kings. Just like today’s rulers of the states. In prev yugas, lord came personally to orchestrate their annihilation but in kaliyuga that is not part of lord’s plan. SP says that we must be so soaked in KC that we should not feel the pangs or so called happiness of the external world.

Just like Dhruv maharaj performed severe tapasya. Eg of Stalin who was so immersed in thoughts of communism that he agreed to be operated without anaesthesia. Since kings like Duryodhan, Karna, Jayadrath had become so adharmic in their consciousness, that there was no choice but to annihilate them. Even after showing virat rupa to Duryodhan, he could not understand Krishna. Kshatriya dharma is violence otherwise destruction of enemy is not possible. Prevly kings used to maintain thousands of horses but in kaliyuga one horse is also difficult to maintain.

When the war for destruction happened, lord did not even have to lift weapons but just like the friction between bamboo trees causes fire in the forest similarly, demonic kings ran into mutual conflict causing destruction of each one of them. And lord simply played the role of wind to spark off the friction, in other words, the conflict between the kings.

Lord is the Proprietor

Since our constitutional position is not that of enjoying, we can never afford to enjoy. Lord is the proprietor and enjoyer of all material universes and we as marginal potency, are tiny parts and parcels of the lord. He is the best friend of all living entities. Still maya causes us to feel that we are the enjoyer. Even a rickshaw puller if made to sit on the throne will immediately get puffed up. Even though he may not be qualified. There are few or no people like Prahlad maharaj who can correct their father, if they became falsely puffed up owing to their prestigious position, and ask them to renounce everything and practice devotion to the lord, who is the real proprietor.

So when great scientists, professors and rulers of the world become atheistic (dharmasya glani), lord descends. In kaliyuga, lord has descended in the form of his holy name to destroy the demonic mentality. That happens by the arrangement of lord’s internal potency. The more we chant lord’s holy name, the more the sin inside us will be destroyed.

What gives the lord satisfaction?

If we read modern history, we will be able to see how great kings have been annihilated. Story of Napoleon who had to give up his life not on the battlefield but by mob lynching, although he was so powerful. So adharmic and atheistic kings are sure to meet such a fate. So therefore lord was satisfied after the Kurukshetra war. Samashrita ye pada pallava plavam (SB 10.14.58): for one who understands bhagavat tattva, chants lord’s holy name and practises bhakti yoga, he finds no difficulty in crossing over the material ocean of nescience.

Jagai Madhai were delivered by lord Nityananda’s mercy. Shrila Prabhupada also delivered so many fallen souls. And there will be many such empowered personalities in the future who will deliver the sin-soaked people of the earth.
By bombardment or explosion, only destruction happens. No creation happens. Still modern scientists dare to speculate foolishly that big bang was the cause of creation of the material universe. These people will live for just 100 years and so let them go on. In kaliyuga, it is difficult to live for 100 years also actually. People are crippled at any early age with their senses failing one after another. And there are so many diseases. And if someone survives also 100 years, his near and dear ones might not want him to live longer. So today it is difficult to even live normally because the present yuga has become so adharmic.

Lord and his 16108 Queens

So the same lord who orchestrated the killing of 64 crore kshatriyas, that same lord appeared to perform pastimes with his most qualified devotees also. The adharmic kshatriyas were all offsprings of Diti. There is nothing material about lord having 16108 queens. They were not all jivas but many were part of lord’s internal potency like Rukmini, Satyabhama etc. Daivim prakrtim ashrayah (BG 9.13): the jiva-made-associates of the lord made themselves qualified to get situated in lord’s internal potency. It might appear lord married and lived like a normal grihastha.

But he married not one but 16108 queens. And made a palace for each one of them. We can never possibly understand how the palaces of lord looked like. They are inconceivable. Those palaces were free from birth, death, old age and disease. And lord manifested 16108 palaces like that. So its all manifestation of lord’s divine opulence. Lord is free from any tinge of lust and his relationship with his devotees is supremely divine. When we are purified of all material contamination by severe austerity, we become situated in brahman and remain solitary having detached ourselves from the influence of material nature. That might be considered highest in material world but in spiritual world its considered the lowest.

Being situated in brahman actually means being suspended like tiny particles in the bodily effulgence of the lord. In the spiritual world, shringar rasa between lord and his intimate devotees is considered the highest. We are able to understand something by begging for SP’s mercy and the requisite mood otherwise nothing would enter our understanding actually. Lord is Parambrahman and he never covets material happiness.

And so because the lord is supremely divine, his consorts, the queens of Dwarka, must also be divine. Lord is a transcendental leader of all living entities and therefore his queens can never be ordinary women of the material world. They were all perfected beings and manifestations of lord’s internal potency. Otherwise they could never be lord’s consorts in his pastimes. Nor is lord’s marriage ordinary rather a pastime through which lord would enter his shringar rasa with his devotees.

The attraction of the queens of Dwarka for the lord is spontaneous and natural and therefore their relationship with the lord is not materially motivated. Normally marriages are done for purpose of enjoying sex life and to maintain a comfortable life. But lord’s marriage doesnt have a causal structure. The queens of the lord are eternally married to him in the spiritual Dwarka dham and serve him eternally in each of their individual palaces. Service to the lord generates happiness and lord awards security, knowledge and purification to his devotees. There is thus a mutual attraction between the lord and his devotees.

Frequently Asked Questions

🤔Did lord create hostility or try to make peace amongst the kings?

The lord tried to make peace between the kings but the kings did not listen. As they were all descendants of Diti and so annihilation was the only option left. Even though lord tried to make peace and requested Kauravas to give 5 villages, but the Kauravas were hellbent for fight. So annihilation was the only good that could be done by the lord for them.

🤔If everyone cannot be a devotee, how the sankirtana movement will spread in every town and village?

For an entire city like Kanpur, we need just 10 enthusiastic devotees. During Kanpur temple construction in 2006-07, immense kirtan was performed in Kalyanpur area. Mohammedans procreate to flood the entire planet with their religion and therefore to make the planet as Allah’s world. That is their mentality. But the Britishers had a vast empire even though the United Kingdom is geographically so small in size. Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati said that he needed just one pure devotee to spread his movement. We need just one powerful king to spread the message of KC all over the world which would be done through implementation of state laws. We don’t need an army the way Mohammedans think.

🤔Is the material consciousness manifestation of soul or subtle body?

Matter has two ends, one is highly gross and the other highly subtle. So, the soul and material object’s subtlety matches so well that it manifests in the form of subtle body to bind the two together. Matter has a form of subtle consciousness and the association of soul with matter makes it weaker and weaker. And when one chants mahamantra, the soul sees the material consciousness as highly purified and rejects it to achieve the eternal association of the lord.