KRISHNA: THE PERFECT ATMARAMA– Shrimad Bhagavatam 1.11.36: Although the queens’ beautiful smiles and furtive glances were all spotless and exciting, and although they could conquer Cupid himself by making him give up his bow in frustration, and although even the tolerant Shiva could fall victim to them, still, despite all their magical feats and attractions, they could not agitate the senses of the Lord.

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WILL OF KRISHNA IS FINAL: EXECUTE IT BY CHOICE OR BY FORCE- Shrimad Bhagavatam 1.11.34: The Lord was pacified after killing those kings who were burdensome to the earth. They were puffed up with their military strength, their horses, elephants, chariots, infantry, etc. He Himself was not a party in the fight. He simply created hostility between the powerful administrators, and they fought amongst themselves. He was like the wind which causes friction between bamboos and so sparks a fire.

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SHIKSHASHTAKAM: TOPMOST DEVOTEE PRAYING TO THE TOPMOST LORD – Lord Chaitanya (Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu) appeared in Navadwip in 1486 AD at Mayapur (Antardwip). He appeared in the form of devotee although he is Krishna himself. Lord is called triyugi because he doesnt appear in kaliyuga. In kaliyuga, he appears in the form of his devotee. Lord Chaitanya performed pastimes for 48 yrs and taught the process of Krishna bhakti. Lord Chaitanya didn’t compose much literature. Rather he instructed his followers to read Shrimad Bhagavatam. The only literature composed by lord Chaitanya is Shri Shikshashtakam, a set of his teachings composed in 8 verses. These verses sequentially explain the process of Krishna bhakti. These 8 verses should be the garland in every devotee’s neck. If lord himself has written something, we need not read anything else.

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Reincarnation: A Matter Of Chance Or A Matter Of Consciousness

Reincarnation: A Matter Of Chance Or A Matter Of Consciousness – A conditioned soul has certain consciousness and according to that consciousness, the supersoul brings it to the semen of a man and guided to the womb of a woman. Thereafter there is formation of a single cell and from that single cell again by the guidance of the supersoul starts to multiply. So if there is the consciousness of a dog, the soul would go to a dog’s body. So the subtle body consciousness is very important. The consciousness has a form which depends on whether one has performed piously or sinfully in prev births. And therefore it gets guided to a particular species where it gets a form accordingly. The body creates a restriction on the consciousness. So if one is a rich man but has consciousness of a dog, his subtle body would then carry the soul to the body of a dog. Similarly, in a certain body one commits sinful activities alone lile family of butcher.

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Do Ghosts Exist?

Do Ghosts exists in Real Life


In this blog post we will discuss the ghostly beings, do they really exist Yes, would be the answer of many people across history and geography. Many people have experienced the ghostly and frightening beings .In our scientific times many of us may dismiss the idea of ghosts as unscientific folk fantasies. However many scientists too have taken idea of ghosts very seriously such as Alfred Wallace, Cofounder of theory of evolution and American Psychologist William James. Let me tell you my experience with ghosts!

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The Change of Heart

The change of heart

The Change Of Heart – When we look around our present society, we find there is a constant rise in violence, rape, murder, suicide, unemployment, drug addiction, divorce, corruption, mental stress, and so on. The reason is very simple. The heart of the people is contaminated with lust, anger, greed, illusion, madness, and envy. In order to have a pure atmosphere around us, we need a revolution to change our hearts. The whole process of spiritual culture is aimed at changing the heart of the living being in the matter of his eternal relation with the Supreme Lord as subordinate servant, which is his constitutional position. The change of heart takes place when we associate with saintly persons, hear from them and live by the teachings of Bhagavad Gita imparted by them. 

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Significance of Chandan yatra

Significance of Chandan Yatra

Significance Of Chandan Yatra – On the auspicious third day of the waxing moon in the month of Vaishaka, the festival of akshay tritiya, which is said to bestow all auspiciousness on any undertaking being started on this day,  is observed all over India, to commemorate various pastimes of the lord. This day also marks the beginning of Chandan yatra, in which the lord is smeared with sandalwood paste due to the scorching heat of the summer season. In this blog, we will discuss the significance of Chandan Yatra

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Why do we fight?

Why do we fight

Why do we fight – You might have heard the idiom – “Under the same roof“. Normally loved ones, they live under the same roof. As family and friends, although we live under the same roof but often we also fight under the same roof. This is an old problem in every civilization, nationality, community and society. Why do we get divorced? Why we go to the court for different issues? In this blog, I will give a philosophical reasoning based on Bhagavad Gita which would surely help to resolve all your fighting issues.

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The Goal of Education

The goal of education

The Goal Of Education – Seers in the past advocated of an education that helps one to attain freedom from nescience. In fact, a gifted individual with no morals is a threat to the society. Of late, the primary objectives have been to impart skills that will help our kids to make a career. We teach history to enable students to understand human behavior. Science is taught to understand the physical world. Mathematics is taught to quantify the world around us. We use the language to describe the world. Human creativity is nurtured through arts and culture. In spite of all our endeavors, we have failed to create people of character. This article will critically look at the model of education as imparted worldwide today.

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Poison & Nector

Poison & Nector – Why do poison come out first while chanting the Hare Krishna Mahamantra just like the first product that came out from the churning of milk ocean was Halahala – the poison.? This article will delve into this question philosophically.

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