The Change of Heart

The change of heart

The Change Of Heart – When we look around our present society, we find there is a constant rise in violence, rape, murder, suicide, unemployment, drug addiction, divorce, corruption, mental stress, and so on. The reason is very simple. The heart of the people is contaminated with lust, anger, greed, illusion, madness, and envy. In order to have a pure atmosphere around us, we need a revolution to change our hearts. The whole process of spiritual culture is aimed at changing the heart of the living being in the matter of his eternal relation with the Supreme Lord as subordinate servant, which is his constitutional position. The change of heart takes place when we associate with saintly persons, hear from them and live by the teachings of Bhagavad Gita imparted by them. 

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What is Sanatana Dharma?

What is Sanatana Dharma

What Is Santana Dharma – Very often we come across the word ‘Sanatan Dharma’ and connect it with some particular sect or religion but hardly do we take out time to understand the true meaning of ‘Sanatan Dharma’. It is very interesting to understand the true meaning of ‘Sanatan Dharma’. Such understanding is developed with faith and conviction can clear our misconceptions about the various religious systems and raise our consciousness beyond the boundaries of caste, color, creed, and nation.

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Is It Necessary To Accept A Spiritual Master?

is it necessary to accept a spiritual master

Is It Necessary To Accept A Spiritual Master – Often this question comes to the mind of a seeker of truth whether it is necessary to accept a spiritual master. Can’t we understand the spiritual subject matter on our own or by reading the scriptures? Before understanding the necessity let us understand the role of the spiritual master in our lives.

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The Solution to Pollution

The solution to pollution

The Solution to Pollution – From past 200 years environmental pollution has been major concern among the leaders of various nations and amongst scientists and environmentalists. Although various measures have been taken to control pollution still situation has gone worse due to the fact that the heads of the states and the intelligentsia have failed to detect the root cause of environmental degradation.

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What is Meditation?

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 6 Summary - Dhyana Yoga

What is Meditation? – Whenever we talk of meditation there must be the object of meditation, then only our meditation will be steady. Our mind needs a beautiful and permanent object to meditate otherwise it will slip off. The object of meditation is like a hook to the mind. For example, if you love somebody, your beloved becomes an object of your meditation. You don’t have to force your mind to think of the person you love rather your mind thinks of your beloved incessantly. Only thing is that you have to give your mind the true object of its meditation. In absence of such an object, our meditation will be flickering.

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