Shrimad Bhagavatam 1.12.02: How was the great emperor Parīkṣit, who was a highly intelligent and great devotee, born in that womb? How did his death take place, and what did he achieve after his death?

Mercy is received through shabda brahma in the form of holy name. The holy name is purna brahma. By associating with the hoy name, the seed of ego, which perturbs everyone, is removed. Maharaj Parikshit as a king did not deserve to die the way he was cursed to die. But he was cursed by a brahmana. So the fall down of brahmanas indicated the start of Kaliyuga. As brahmana means he must be highly tolerant. A king who cares for his citizens and is the true well wisher of them must never be cursed. Although Parikshit was innocent but still he was cursed to die by a snake bite. When sages came to know that the king had been cursed that way, they therefore inquired Suta Goswami about what had happened.

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