MAYAVADA: A FICTITIOUS PHILOSOPHY– Shrimad Bhagavatam 1.12.02: How was the great emperor Parīkṣit, who was a highly intelligent and great devotee, born in that womb? How did his death take place, and what did he achieve after his death?

Mercy is received through shabda brahma in the form of holy name. The holy name is purna brahma. By associating with the holy name, the seed of ego, which perturbs everyone, is removed. Maharaj Parikshit as a king did not deserve to die the way he was cursed to die. But he was cursed by a brahmana. So the fall down of brahmanas indicated the start of Kaliyuga. As brahmana means he must be highly tolerant. A king who cares for his citizens and is the true well wisher of them must never be cursed. Although Parikshit was innocent but still he was cursed to die by a snake bite. When sages came to know that the king had been cursed that way, they therefore inquired Suta Goswami about what had happened.


Mayavadis are so unintelligent that they say that the consciousness of a small child is pure. Because the child doesnt have ego and when he becomes adult, that ego covers his consciousness. Just like water whether it is in the form of pond, river, ocean etc is all the same. Similarly, consciousness of all jivas is the same. And one who understands this is liberated. So mind, intelligence and false ego cover the consciousness otherwise we all are absolute consciousness.

The consciousness is flowing and the moment we realize this, we become part of the vast oceanic consciousness. This is their fictitious understanding. However the first fallacy is that how absolute consciousness can be covered. The sun cant be covered by the clouds. Therefore, Shrila Prabhupada says they are called maya-vadi. If everything is god, then everything is happening by the will of God. Then we have nothing to do. So how the absolute consciousness can require liberation? It is always liberated. So why do we oppose the crimes that are happening. As there is only one consciousness which is operating. On top of that they say that the absolute consciousness is activityless when liberated. So they are perfect kalichelas. Lord Chaitanya says mayavadi bhashya shunile haya sarvanasha.

Divine consciousness has no material form however. And we are all individual consciousness. And its not all the same. Every jiva has an individual swarup in lord’s service. And that is revealed when we are liberated. For eg, we might be a transcendental gardener, pujari, musician, painter, lover, servant, friend etc. And every individual swarup is different. To achieve which is called yoga. The impersonalists in the name of so called godmen are preaching all nonsense so rapidly and therefore devotees must also preach and not just sit at one place and take prasad.

Maharaj Parikshit

In the case of Parikshit, whatever happened that happened by the will of lord. Rishabhadev was burnt by the forest fire although he was the absolute truth. But he allowed himself to be burnt. Parikshit similarly accepted the curse of rishi Shringi. And accepted his death in that way. But that led to the benefit of mankind as Shrimad Bhagavatam got revealed through him.
So this is the inquiry of Shaunaka rishi. Parikshit was protected from the brahmastra. But later that same Parikshit was arranged to die by a brahmana’s curse. So devotes accept whatever Krishna wants. Unless devotees are there, there will be no one to glorify the lord. Mayavadis must be respected for following different limbs of dharma but their philosophy is all a big lie. As they try to kill Krishna and take his position. So they are highly ignorant. Hence Vaishnavas must gather together and eliminate mayavadis from the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

🤔Do devotees also need to follow atonement?

For devotes the only atonement is to preach Krishna consciousness and always remain Krishna conscious. Krishna consciousness means Krishna is the Absolute truth and we are tiny spiritual sparks. We have an eternal relationship of love with Krishna and to revive that is the goal if life. Krishna consciousness never means to become Krishna himself, that is the feeling of hell.

🤔How a devotee can be mayavadi?

Devotee is not mayavadi but that mentality is there. Means to enjoy separate from Krishna by assuming they have become God themselves. And this tendency of lording it over is there in all of us. But the only dominator is Krishna and we are all naturally predominated. So we see that Parikshit accepted the curse of Shringi. He accepted his mistake of hanging a dead snake around Samika rishi’s neck. But normally we never see our own fault and try to find problem in others.

🤔By following mayavadi do we also become mayavadi?

Yes obviously. Mayavadis also worship Krishna but not as a devotee. Rather with the intention to become Krishna themselves. Impersonalists like Kabir etc can never say Dasharathanandana Rama or Arjunasakha Krishna as their Rama and Krishna are their own imagined ones.

🤔Why material world is unreal?

Material world has been created in such a way that we can declare ourselves god. So it is meant to satisfy that desire to lord it over and that’s why so many impersonalists are flourishing here.

🤔Is considering lord’s holy name a vedic mantra mayavada?

No that’s ignorance. Scientists try to declare themselves god. Mayavadis want to become god themselves. And these people suffer the most. Everyday one or the other godman enters jail. This is there from the time of Shrila Bhaktivinoda thakur. These godmen have huge following unfortunately. So Kaliyuga is full of ignorance. So we must read Shrila Prabhupada books diligently and try to understand Krishna consciousness philosophy properly.

🤔How to develop and purify our consciousness in the present day and age?

When we were in the mother’s womb, we prayed to the lord that we will serve him. Otherwise we could not have sustained in that dark chamber for months together. And so only because of lord’s association, we managed to stay there. But the moment we took birth, we forgot everything because of influence of maya. Kaler dosha nidhe rajann, asti hy eko mahan gunah, kirtanah eva krishnasya, mukti sangah param vrajet (SB 12.3.51): read Shrimad Bhagavatam and chant lord’s holy name, these are the only two ways of purifying our consciousness in this age of kali. We must try to understand ths glorious parampara of lord Chaitanya and the pastimes of different acharyas like shad Goswamis. We must try to become a part of Bhaktivinoda family and Gaudiya family and must feel connected to them. We must visit Vrindavana, Mayapur and Puri once every year.


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