Transcendental Traits of Krishna’s Personality

Transcendental Traits Of Krishna Personality – Any person is referred to by his name, form, address, activities and qualities. Krishna, being the Absolute Person, also has infinite names, infinite forms, and infinite qualities. He performs sweet pastimes with His devotees and He has a definite address. But all these traits of Krishna are divine.

Holy Name (Naama)

In this mundane world we may have a couple of nick-names besides our official name. While we have names, these names are different from our persona. For example, a person may be named as Daya (compassion), but he may be cruel by action. The Absolute Truth has unlimited names and His original name is Krishna. His name is divine as His name and He, the person, are non-different. Just like Draupadi called out for Krishna in the Kuru assembly, and Krishna was there in person to help her out.

Traits of Krishna

In fact, Krishna has invested His full potency in His holy-name. Thus in this age of quarrel, it is the holy name alone that can liberate anyone

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Divine Form (Rupa)

In India, anyone can recognize a picture of Krishna. Krishna always holds a flute, His hair is bedecked with a peacock feather, He wears Gunja Mala as well as vaijayantimala, glittering yellow garments dazzle upon Him, and His ever fresh charming smile removes all distress of everyone. This form of Krishna is divine – that of eternal existence, knowledge and bliss. Sat Chit- Ananda Vigraha is attributed to Krishna.

Being Sat or eternal, Krishna never crosses the youthful age of 16. He is always nava-yauvana – ever youth. His body never changes, but emits newer and newer transcendental beauty always.

Being Chit, He is always Full of Knowledge. Krishna knows the past, present and future in totality. In Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna was confused when He heard that Krishna has already spoken this divine science to Sun God some 120 million years ago although He is his contemporary only. In reply, Krishna said:

śrī-bhagavān uvāca
bahūni me vyatītāni
janmāni tava cārjuna
tāny ahaṁ veda sarvāṇi
na tvaṁ vettha paran-tapa

[Bhagavad Gita 4.5]

Translation: The Personality of Godhead said: Many, many births both you and I have passed. I can remember all of them, but you cannot, O subduer of the enemy!

Krishna has perfect memory and knows everything. That is why He is God.

Being Ananda or full of joy, Krishna is never affected by distress. What to speak of the Lord, His devotees are also never distressed. All of us definitely go through much turmoil in life. However, once we turn to Krishna the smile on our face will return since Krishna is the source of all happiness. In essence, Krishna’s form is divine and that form is immeasurable. Like Mother Yashoda could not bind little Krishna in spite of her attempts to join many ropes together until He allowed her to bind Him in pure love.

What are the traits of Krishna

Divine qualities (guna)

Krishna has unlimited divine qualities. All of His qualities are very attractive. Devotees are attracted to Him for His qualities. Krishna as
protector of Draupadi, as chariot driver of Arjuna, as messenger of Pandavas and as butter thief resides in our heart more than He as the Supreme controller. Our acharyas say that Krishna has 64 prominent qualities in infinite quantities. In particular, His rupa madhuri, venu madhuri, lila madhuri and bhakta madhuri are most talked about.

Lila-madhuri—He is the performer of wonderful varieties of pastimes (especially His childhood pastimes).

Bhakta-madhuri—He is surrounded by devotees endowed with wonderful love of Godhead.

Venu-madhuri—He can attract all living entities in all the universes by playing on His flute.

Traits of Lord Krishna

Rupa-madhuri—He has a wonderful excellence of beauty which cannot be rivaled anywhere in the creation.

Pastimes (Leela)

When we perform activities, those very activities bind us to the cycle of birth, death, old age and disease. But Krishna’s activities are all auspicious and divinely natural.

Traits of Krishna Gdod

His stealing of butter, His killing of demons or His protection of devotees are all of Absolute nature, i.e. there is no anomaly.

Divine Abode (dhāma)

Krishna speaks of His abode in the 15th chapter of the Bhagavad gita as follows (15.6):

na tad bhāsayate sūryo
na śaśāṅko na pāvakaḥ
yad gatvā na nivartante
tad dhāma paramaṁ mama

Translation: That Supreme abode of Mine is not illumine by the sun or the moon, nor by fire or electricity. Those who reach it never return to this material world.

What are the traits of Lord Krishna

Just like there are innumerable Universes in the material space, there are unlimited spiritual Universes in the conscious space. Goloka Vrindavana is the topmost Vaikuntha (spiritual) planet. That is why Vrindavana, Ayodhya, Jagannatha Puri and Mayapur are much revered by the seekers of Truth. So
Krishna has a definite address