Reincarnation: A Matter of Chance or a Matter of Consciousness (08.06.2021)

Reincarnation: A Matter of Chance or a Matter of Consciousness (08.06.2021) – A conditioned soul has a certain consciousness and according to that consciousness, the Supersoul brings it to the semen of a man and guides it to the womb of a woman. Thereafter there is the formation of a single cell and from that single cell again by the guidance of the Supersoul starts to multiply. So if there is the consciousness of a dog, the soul would go to a dog’s body. So the subtle body consciousness is very important. The consciousness has a form that depends on whether one has performed piously or sinfully in previous births. And therefore it gets guided to a particular species where it gets a form accordingly. The body creates a restriction on the consciousness.

So if one is a rich man but has the consciousness of a dog, his subtle body would then carry the soul to the body of a dog. Similarly, in a certain body, one commits sinful activities alone like a family of butchers. The consciousness is invisible. The body contains a subtle body engaging the soul. Like ghosts, hobgoblins have subtle bodies alone without gross bodies. And subtle body has a form of its own. So we are ordaine to get bodies as per our enjoyment propensity. And those bodies might minimize or enhance our enjoyment depending on our pious or sinful activities. We might want to fly in the sky but might end up forced to take the body of a dog. So let us not allow our minds to carry us towards the body of a dog.

The mind is hollow and accepts that identity which is aligned with the kind of body it gets. Mind and body are related. The body is forced upon the mind and not the kind of body the mind desires. The mind expands and takes of the body but that body is forced upon the mind. Depending upon the order of the Supersoul. Mind pervades the body through the consciousness and therefore identifies with the body. The body is acquired according to the consciousness and therefore mind is not a causal structure for the body. By the arrangement of material nature, the mind is forced to wear a particular type of body. Shrila Prabhupada says daiva chodita. When the baby is in the womb, it first experiences sound followed by touch followed by form. The Supersoul ordains that. The mind is Prakriti so from where does it get that identity as Prakriti is impersonal.

Because of contact with the soul. The soul always has a sense of identity of the self and therefore mind in contact with the soul acquires that tendency. The subtle body and the gross body both acquire that individuation from the soul. The soul’s consciousness pervades the mind and the mind’s consciousness pervades the body. So mind serves as a connection between soul and body. Our mind, intelligence, and false ego are the responsibility of the soul. Lord always comes to us in the form of his holy name, scriptures, or his deity form. But if we do not accept it, the mind, intelligence, and false ego will remain filled with sin. And according to that, the body we will get we can’t decide only Krishna will decide. and material nature or orchestrates the same.

🤔How does the child in the womb get consciousness in the seventh month?

The gross body takes 7 months to develop so as to become fully conscious. Like sex desire manifests at puberty that doesn’t mean sex desire isn’t there from before. Similarly, the body takes 7 months to become mature at the gross platform to become mentally and spiritually conscious.

🤔How soul, mind, and gross body communicate through consciousness?

The consciousness cannot be caught as it is not an electromagnetic signal. And through this consciousness, the soul mediates on the mind which mediates further on the gross body. In the spiritual state, the mind becomes pure due to association with the soul or the self. The more we associate the mind with Krishna consciousness, the more it becomes spiritual. And then the mind becomes situated in the mode of goodness and reveals the self.

The body in the conditioned state becomes an instrument to satisfy the mind. The mind relies on the false identity of the body. Depending upon the association of the body with the three modes, the mind is also influence naturally. So mind and body can communicate both ways through the consciousness. We can see only the biological signals but the signal of the soul and mind can be track by the mind and soul themselves alone. The biological markers can only indicate these signals indirectly.

🤔Is mind independent?

The mind’s desire is not independent so also of the body. Free will is only possess by Krishna and his part and parcel. The soul also can either use or misuse the freewill. If it chooses to remain situated in the Absolute truth, it exercises the freewill correctly. And when it misuses that free will, it comes in contact with material nature where there is no free will. The kind of mode we associate with that kind of disposition we develop. We are marginal potency of Krishna and therefore we can either choose to be with Krishna or away from them. Once we choose to be away from. Krishna, mahamaya takes over and we become a puppet. Once we choose to be with Krishna, yogamaya takes over and we become puppets again.

So the only independence we have is that of becoming someone’s instrument, whether Krishna’s or of prakriti. And even after becoming puppets of Prakriti, we get an opportunity to become puppets of Krishna repeatedly by exercising their free will properly. And when we use our free will correctly, we develop in terms of how much surrender we have towards Krishna. The more we practice, the more we tend to give up our ignorance based on the false identities we have. So we are challenge by different layers of ignorance when we practice Krishna consciousness. So how much we can depend on Krishna in any kind of situation, is what devotional life is all about. The free will that we have has to be circumvent from being misuse until we become perfect or no longer have any possibility of failure.

🤔Do we have multiple levels of consciousness?

In the pure state, we have only one level of consciousness. But in the condition state, our gross bodies might be associate with different levels of consciousness. Like if we are poor, our sense of enjoyment might be restrict. And the mind which is a repository of so many lifetimes has its own consciousness. So consciousness is made up of the three modes of material nature in different proportions. And in the perfect state, it becomes situated in pure goodness. Depending on the ratio of the three modes, infinite levels of consciousness may be create. Bodily consciousness will be active when we are physically active.

Similarly, for intellectuals, mental consciousness will be active. So our occupational duty will define our level of consciousness. If we are preachers and have dedicate our lives to Krishna or if we are also doing a job along with Krishna consciousness, how much our job is connect with Krishna consciousness will decide our level of consciousness.


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