Is the World full of Sufferings?

Is the world full of sufferings


It is very bewildering to think of a higher power being very merciful when so many people are suffering right in front of our eyes. Why are so many people suffering due to poverty, hunger, illness, and so many other pains in this world? How can the Supreme claim to be merciful and let the living entities suffer endlessly? Thinking along these lines, many people claim that there is no Supreme because if He did exist, He would not inflict such sufferings on the people. This is a very limited understanding with which we observe the world because we do not consider the actions of the victims but only the suffering they are going through

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The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of life

The Purpose Of life – Although not many of us question our existence and the purpose of our life, we ultimately reach a point where consciously or unconsciously we have to decide what we plan to do with it. As humans, we have been given only a limited time on this planet and almost all of us have the desire to do something meaningful out of it. For each individual, this ‘meaning’ might vary but everyone will have something that is their calling. Be it achieving monetary success, fame, family, spirituality etc. The importance of a purpose is therefore very high because we are not machines who just follow a certain code but are sentient beings with the ability to think about our actions unlike the animals which follow the instincts of the senses.

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