Anushilan - A Summer Camp of its kind

Anushilan - A Summer Camp of its kind

Anushilan is a culture camp, one of its kind, conducted every summer for the school kids in Deharadun and other parts of India. As today's children are tomorrow's leaders Anushilan focuses on children's overall growth to become responsible, resourceful, and spiritually strong adults through a variety of activities that they enjoy. Children are trained in Bhagavad Gita shloka recitation and Mantra Meditation which helps in improving concentration and controlling the mind.

Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj

Practice Does Not Make Perfect.
Only Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Numerous surveys have confirmed that a child without a spiritual basis to his life easily falls prey to bad habits. A spiritually trained and guided child, on the other hand, is well equipped to counter harmful influences and confidently faces the stresses and tensions of modern life. Therefore, Anushilan aims to help responsible parents in raising their children by offering systematic and scientific training in spiritual culture and wisdom.

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